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Our Team
Globalization is exherting immense pressure on marketing executives to constantly revise their brand strategies. More than ever, firms need to face competition with a global mindset. EMC partners with brand managers to adopt a global perspective in building brand equity.
- Mounir Siraji

About Us

Mounir Siraji
Chief Financial Officer

Mounir Siraji is an entrepreneur with over ten years of international venture experience. Mounir Siraji brings to EMC a proven track record of leadership, international finance, global sales and marketing, project management, international mergers & acquisitions, cross-cultural training, and negotiation skills.

He is able to manage global multi-million projects in alignment with executive business strategies, thanks to a wide experience that spanned several sectors: finance, real estate, international development, retail industry, distribution, global sourcing, and the food and beverage industry.

Mounir completed undergraduate degrees in mechanical engineering and global business and public policy from UC Berkeley and UMUC respectively. He is currently pursuing an MBA in Finance from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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